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Corporate Clients

L-E-B offers specialised English courses for your business, whether Business English, Technical English, English for Engineers etc, Corporate clients prefer to have their employees taught in groups, we recommend only small groups (semi-private, 3-6 students) this is to prevent students getting frustrated and they will get more out of the classes than larger groups.

Corporate clients are taught 'In House' (at the business) usually in a small office or conference room. Usually at a time that suits all employees.

Corporate clients will receive regular feed back about the progress of students individually, will have regular progress checks and students attendance and presence are recorded after each lesson.

We recommend three lessons (hours) a week minimum to get the best out of the course.

Only English is to be spoken during classes.


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Learn English in Botevgrad

Who is the teacher?

Lessons are with Mr Neil Waters
Neil Waters
who has over 14 years teaching experience, with TKT1 and TEFL and CTBE qualifications.