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Our Frequently Asked Questions;

Q. Can I do a test with you?

A. We teach you English in preparation to sit an exam through an Exam Center, we recommend "Cmabridge Exam Centers",

Q. Do you provide the materials?

A. We provide materials in the form of PDFs or Word Documents, but not course and work books, We can buy them on your behalf for you if needed.

Q. Can we pay monthly?

A. Yes you can, please see prices for more information.

Q. We like your site design, do you also do websites?

A. Thank you, Yes we do, please contact us for more details.
HERE is a HTML Converter, to help you if you need one.

Q. Can we have lessons via the internet?

A. If you wish to have private lessons online please contact us for more information.



Learn English in Botevgrad


We are quite flexible, we generally work between 9am - 9pm, but also do lessons when requested, Monday to Saturday. But Never on a Sunday, we all need at least one day off :-)


We are currently only accepting clients for online lessons.


Prices vary depending on the client, groups, level etc, please see Prices for more information.