Learn English in Botevgrad

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Price Guide

Prices vary depending on the clients needs, groups, level etc, please Contact us for a quote.

Here is our guide to pricing:

Three hours a week are recommended to learn effectively (1 hour means 60 minutes), for higher levels more hours are recommended. This guide is based on three hours a week and are monthly prices.


Level 1:1 Sibling(semi 1;1) Corporate Extra students(semi 1;1)
A1/2 144BGN 30% discount 210BGN 40% discount
B1/2 180BGN 30% discount 210BGN 40% discount
C1/2 210BGN 30% discount 210BGN 40% discount

These prices are only a guide, discounts might apply.

All tests are done through British Council in Sofia. We are a member of British Council Exams Partnership Program 'Addvantage'.

Learn English in Botevgrad


We are quite flexible, we generally work between 9am - 5pm, but also do lessons when requested, Monday to Saturday. But Never on a Sunday, we all need at least one day off :-)


In the comfort of your own home, or your office for private lessons. Corporate clients (groups) will be taught in house, which saves a lot time and travelling for the clients.